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LUOSHI Machinery - 20 years focused on die cutting machine and whole shoe making production line

Independent research and development of CNC automation control technology, personalized customer needs

LUOSHI Machinery founded in 1998,  covers an area of 15,000 square meters and employs have more than 80 staffs. Our company specializes in the production and manufacture of hydraulic die cutting machines, CNC intelligent die cutting machines, vamp forming machines and other shoe making machines.

Our compyany independent research and develop the CNC automation technology, use servo motor and hydraulic pneumatic control, designing PLC man-machine interface and computer automation programming for high-end product research and development, making cutting products reach automation and bulk production;

LUOSHI Machinery's products are widely used in automotive interiors, abrasives, blister pearl cotton packaging, shoe bag caps, sporting goods, non-woven artificial fake flowers, make-up masks, label paper cup lunch boxes, jigsaw mats, floor tiles, etc. It can be customized according to the equipment requirements of special specifications products,  improve work efficiency,  save raw materials and reduce production costs for customers.

die cutting machine applications

Hydraulic die cutting machine series:

LUOSHI machinery - intelligent die cutting machines include Travel Head Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine, precision hydraulic Beam Press, Swing Arm Cutting Machine, Conveyor Belt Cutting Machine, total five series of more than 20 models; Automatic traverse cutting machine series includes: artificial flower automatic cutting machine, automatic mask high speed die cutting machine, automatic pearl cotton cutting machine, automatic shoe and hat cutting machine, automatic EVA puzzle cutting machine, automatic PVC floor cutting machine, automatic plastic cutting machine.

automatic travelling head die cutting machine

automatic travelling head die cutting machine

automatic travelling head die cutting machine

conveyor belt cutting machine

hydraulic plane cutting machine

hydraulic plane cutting machine

swing arm cutting machine

swing arm cutting machine

beam press

beam press

vamp forming machine

vamp forming machine

Shoe making machine series:

LUOSHI Machinery specializes in the field of shoe making machine. It can design and supply a full range of products such as vamp forming machine, toe lasting machine, heel lasting machine, sole pressing machine and heel nailing machine, covering the banding and cutting in the shoe making process. It has more than 30 kinds of products in six series, such as leather shaping, bottom pressing, nail heel and finishing. It is widely used in shoe-making, sports shoes, cloth shoes, craft shoes and other shoe manufacturing enterprises.

shoe makine mahine prodution line

shoe making machine workshop

Production test:

The machine is fully self-produced, real material and ensuring quality control;

Motor electronic control and accessories are imported brands, such as Omron from Japan, and Lzumi Electric;

LUOSHI machinery’s products use tonnage weighing detection to ensure the cutting machine tonnage is sufficient, the performance is stable, far reducing the failure rate and ensuring product quality.

Hydraulic die cutting machine process

Quality control:

LUOSHI Machinery has first-class production equipment, advanced production technology, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system and European CE qualification certification requirements, and long-term cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, so that product quality and service meet international standards.

ISO and CE

Exporting market:

LUOSHI Machinery adheres to the corporate philosophy of “honesty, win-win cooperation” and operates strictly in accordance with the brand development of “high performance, high quality and excellent service”. It has a high reputation in the field of shoe making machinery at home and abroad, and its products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Argentina and other countries and regions.

die cutting machine exhibition

die cutting machine exhibition.jpg

Completed after-sales service:

High-quality materials, high-quality parts and advanced equipment production processes, product quality is guaranteed, the normal service life of more than 10 years;

Completed equipment installation video guidance, domestic fixed-point use of the machine operation training;

Two-year warranty period, one of the longest warranty period in the same industry, all-round 7*24h after-sales service during the warranty period;

Development path:

In 1984, the first British-owned shoe machinery factory was established in Dagang Town, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, mainly producing die cutting machines for shoes.

In 1994, Mr. Luo successfully developed the first vamp forming machine;

In 1998, LUOSHI Machinery was established, mainly engaged in the production of various die cutting machines, vamp forming machines, sole pressing machines, etc. for shoes;

In 2003, LUOSHI Machinery established Hengyuan Machinery in Yancheng Economic Development Zone, and the product series increased heel nailing machine, toe lasting machine and heel lasting machine and etc., and the production line series was expanded;

In 2009, LUOSHI Footwear Machinery was established, and the product line continued to be expand, which can supply the production line for the shoe factory;  Die cutting machine series products have been widely used in many other industries;

In 2010, LUOSHI Machinery Zhejiang Wenzhou Branch was established, began international trade, and its products are exported to overseas markets;

In 2015, LUOSHI Machinery introduced CNC intelligent cutting machine to the market. With advanced intelligent control technology, LUOSHI cutting machine was applied to more industries, greatly improving production efficiency;

In 2018, LUOSHI Machinery applied for the invention patent of artificial flower automatic cutting machine, which is widely used in abrasive abrasives, beauty and beauty industries.

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