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Hydraulic Beam Press

This swing beam press is suitable for punching work of non-metallic materials such as carpet, leather, rubber and cloth in various industries. The beam press machine adopts hydraulic transmission, and the 4-columns and...

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Product Details

XCLP2-350J/400J/500J/600J/800J Hydraulic Beam Press


Product introduction:

This swing beam press is suitable for punching work of non-metallic materials such as carpet, leather, rubber and cloth in various industries. The beam press machine adopts hydraulic transmission, and the 4-columns and crankshafts are automatically lubricated with oil to make the cutting platen move downwards, manual feeding and two-hand control to cut the material, and the plane precision reaches 0.5mm.

Technical data:

Maximum cutting350KN, 400KN, 500KN, 600KN, 800KN


 (Speical products can be customized)

Cutting area

1600×600mm, 1600×700mm, 1600×800mm,

1600×900mm, 1600×900mm

Power2.2kw, 3kw, 4kw, 5kw, 7.5kw
Net weight1800kg, 2100kg, 3500kg, 4000kg, 5000kg

Product features:

1.The swing beam cutting press have double cylinder, precision double crank connecting rod balance structure, ensuring the same cutting depth for each cutting position.

2.Unique setting structure, with cutting knife and cutting depth setting, making stroke adjustment simple and accurate

3. When the cutting plate contacts the cutting knife, it will automatically cut slowly, so that there is no dimensional error between the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer of the cutting material.

4. Central oil supply automatic lubrication system to ensure machine accuracy and extend machine life.

5. The pressure is stable, and there will be no cutting or edge burrs.

6. Sturdy body structure, the machine frame is high-strength welding to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine.


1. Car: car interior, refracting parts, windshield

2. Abrasives Abrasive: Sandpaper

3. Woven/non-woven fabric: textile, non-woven fabric, camera cotton, filter cotton

4. Footwear: upper, insole, mid-outer

5. Packing: corrugated paper, blister packaging, EVA sponge packaging, pearl cotton packaging

6. Carpet tiles: carpet, plastic floor

7. Beauty: Makeup pad, puff, mask, mask

8. Foam: electronic foam, earplugs

9. Rubber products: stationery, folders, sealing materials, gaskets

10. Medical supplies: skin contact adhesive, medical foam

11. Plastic products: disposable plastic products (gloves, surgical gowns, etc.)



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