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2016 China Shoes Machine Industry Forecast

May 16, 2017

For the definition of shoe machine, according to the narrow sense refers to: footwear in the process must use the equipment, tools and accessories; broadly refers to the footwear industry chain of upstream and downstream enterprises used in shoe equipment (including leather, shoe last, soles , Heel, hardware, processing, mold, testing and so on the field of related equipment and tool accessories). And we usually say that the shoe industry refers to the broad sense. The Chinese footwear industry has been severely challenged, and for the footwear industry, the Chinese footwear industry has been seriously challenged by the change of the exchange rate, the rise of raw materials and the implementation of trade protection in some areas or countries. Chain shoe machine business, the days of life is more difficult. On the footwear industry, the transformation and upgrading of the direction: high-end manufacturing and brand management, and gradually grasp the sales channels, with the initiative. These are inseparable from a strong technical research and development and technological innovation, and strive to improve the technological content of products and added value to achieve sustainable development.

Survival by the difference: the new year forecast, shoe machine market bittersweet. The so-called bitter, in the RMB continued to rise, labor costs, raw materials, comprehensive costs, external demand is uncertain (European debt crisis, the US economic recovery slow, emerging countries need time to expand), corporate competition is more intense, Stimulate, to keep the performance, to achieve growth, it is more difficult. Enterprises to survive, it must have differentiated competitors with the formation of technology, services and products. (Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc.) investment, domestic enterprises such as Huajian Group to Ethiopia to set up factories, etc., have led to the demand for equipment (such as the demand for new equipment, growth of.

Development of science and technology: With the Chinese footwear industry into the era of high cost, many shoe enterprises will be the original shoe machine enterprises in the cost savings, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, automation, higher quality and other areas of new requirements, In the automation, digital, intelligent technology and flexible production of new equipment, such as the rigid demand is more obvious. The traditional shoe machine business, to adapt to the needs of shoe changes, can only increase R & D investment, research and development and production of higher technical content of equipment to meet customer demand for production in order to get greater development. So 2012 shoe machine industry can be a big development of the enterprise, or rely on science and technology support.

Growth by overseas: the whole speaking, now the larger domestic shoe base has more than 20, the number and quality of these base companies have reached a relatively saturated. Shoe industry, in these areas without the factory to increase the new production line, can only achieve local small, small growth, to achieve large growth, we must rely on overseas markets. In recent years with neighboring countries and some emerging countries, footwear industry or began to develop, or just started, the release of the Chinese shoe machine equipment strong demand, the Chinese shoe machine business if targeted to these neighboring countries and markets Expansion, is expected to achieve great growth.

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