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Common Faults and Treatment Methods of Flanging Machine

May 16, 2017

Leather fabric when the broken edge

Press the foot and the hood is too close, the solution: press the foot and the hood piece slightly apart;

Folding knife 030 and drill too close, the solution: a little apart;

Leather fold when the speed is too fast to tear, the solution: footwear mechanical speed adjustment rod to the up, slow down, or use 5.5 drill plate.

Leather rounded corners are not round

Hammer head wear, the solution: replace the hammer piece;

Folding width is too wide, the solution: to reduce the width of the fold, the use of 3.2 drilling;

Press the foot and jump block position is wrong, the solution: press the foot and jump block alignment;

Hammer and jump too close, the solution: as close as possible;

Shoe equipment operation unskilled, the solution: more practice.

Leather straight when the two sides are not straight

Folding knife and drill pieces are too large, close;

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