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Composition of hydraulic cutting machine

Dec 18, 2018

The stroke control of the hydraulic cutting machine includes two aspects of upper limit position adjustment and lower limit position control. There are several ways to adjust the upper limit of the working mechanism.

1. Change the position of the travel switch and adjust it by mechanical-electrical-hydraulic interlock control. In the 1960s and 1970s, many hydraulic cutting machines produced at home and abroad used this method to adjust the upper limit position of the working mechanism. In some new cantilever hydraulic cutting machines, there is also a machine-electric-liquid using the traditional hydraulic cutting machine. The type of interlocking control method, such as 8LE, 8LES, 8LEST, 8LEST and other models produced by Scbon, Germany, but using a non-contact switch.

2. Electric: The motor is adjusted by the mechanical transmission mechanism with the power shaft pressure plate, such as the Czech 06135/P1 hydraulic cutting machine with hydraulic swing arm device.

3. Manual: Rotate the handwheel and directly adjust the vertical shaft pressure plate through the spiral motion of the lead screw, such as the British GSB-I hydraulic cutting machine.

4, hydraulic: Rotate the handwheel, automatically adjust through the hydraulic servo system, such as the Italian S series model hydraulic cutting machine.


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