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Hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic oil good or bad identification method

May 16, 2017

First of all, we hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic cylinder hydraulic oil moisture content how to identify:

(1) combustion method: with a clean, dry cotton or cotton yarn dip a little to be detected oil, and then fire to ignite. If you find the flash or "crackling" burst sound phenomenon, it shows that the oil contains more water.

(2) Visual method: If the use of hydraulic cylinders in the process, the oil is milky white turbidity, it shows that the oil contains a lot of water.

Followed by the cutting machine hydraulic cylinder fuel oil in the identification of impurities:

(1) warming identification: the viscosity of relatively low hydraulic oil can be directly into a clean, dry tube and then heated to heat up. If the oil in the test tube appears to precipitate or suspended matter, it shows that the oil has been contained in the metal powder.

(2) filter paper identification: the viscosity of the relatively high hydraulic oil, can be diluted with pure gasoline, and then use a clean filter to filter it. If you find a large number of metal powder on the filter paper, it means that the hydraulic components have been seriously worn.

(3) sensory identification: hydraulic cylinders used in the oil with significant metal particles suspended material, with the fingers twist when you can feel the small particles; in the light, if there is reflective flash point, it shows the hydraulic components Has been seriously worn; if the bottom of the tank precipitation a lot of metal shavings, it shows that the main pump or motor has been seriously worn.

(4) sound identification: If the hydraulic cylinder in the course of the operation of the entire hydraulic system intermittent, loud noise and vibration, and the main pump will be issued a "buzzing" sound, and even the emergence of the piston rod "crawling" phenomenon , Then to observe the tank surface, tubing outlet or transparent level gauge, you will find a lot of foam. If this is the case, it means that the hydraulic oil has been immersed in a lot of air.

In order to stabilize the hydraulic cutting machine, it is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil, to maintain the best condition.

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