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Introduction of the midsole

Mar 06, 2019

Most of the materials used in the midsole of sports shoes are the PHYLON midsole and the EVA midsole.

In fact, both midsole are made with EVA, but why is there a difference in the name?

PHYLON originated in the United States. The earliest shoe midsole was called PHYLON. There was no EVA midsole and PHYLON midsole. Later, with the continuous development of footwear products, some big brands of footwear products in Taiwan and South Korea were developed. At the source, the name of the midsole is more systematic, and we have the EVA midsole that we are talking about now.

Below I will talk about the difference between the EVA midsole and the PHYLON midsole.

Nowadays, the most used shoe midsole is the PHYLON midsole. The biggest feature of PHYLON is that it is light, flexible and has good cushioning performance. PHYLON is called secondary foaming.

The EVA midsole is also very light, but the cushioning performance and flexibility are far less than the PHYLON midsole, and the cost is much lower than PHYLON. The EVA midsole is called a foaming. The reason why they have the same properties and different names is that PHYLON is secondary foaming and EVA is foaming.

Most of the basketball shoes use the PHTLON midsole, while the jogging shoes use the EVA midsole.


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