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Outside cutting machine operation method

May 16, 2017

Outsole cutting machine process characteristics: the combination of the end of the base is made of natural leather, rubber or rubber and other sheet material made of. There is a non-uniformity and a dimensional error in the thickness of the sheet material. The thickness of the thickness of the error will inevitably affect the shape of the outer end of the face, groove, sheet cutting, grinding and other processes of processing accuracy and production efficiency, it must be flattened flattened, so that the thickness of the exact size of the error is not too much. Outside the bottom of the flat there are two main, that is, fixed knife double roll and disc cutter milling. The working principle of the sheet is that when the outsole passes through the slits between the rollers, the exact roll distance and the position of the tool determine the amount of cutting of the outsole at different thicknesses, making the outsole thickness accurate Consistent. The principle of milling is that when the outsole passes through the conveyor belt into the vertically rotating disc cutter blade, the exact distance between the blade and the conveyor belt determines the amount of milling at the outsole with different thicknesses, Thickness is exactly the same.

Outsole cutting machine structure and performance: The shoe machinery for mechanical transmission, mainly by the transmission mechanism, the upper roller and adjust the body, the next roller and adjust the composition. Transmission mechanism placed inside the fuselage, by the motor, pulley, gear, drive the upper roller and the next roller rotation, double roll speed the same, turn the opposite, the outer bottom from the feed and flattened. The function of the upper roller and the adjusting mechanism is to feed and adjust the distance between the roller surface and the cutting edge so that the outer layers of different thicknesses are flattened. The height of the roller surface and the blade edge is changed by rotating the adjusting lever to drive the adjustment block at both ends of the upper roller so as to slide up and down. The function of the lower roller and the adjusting mechanism is to feed and adjust the pressure according to the hardness of the outsole material, so that the outer hardness of the outer end of the different materials is smooth, the pressure is balanced and the thickness is accurate. The surface of the lower roller is engraved with fine teeth to increase the friction of the outsole feed, and the distance between the vertical centerline and the blade edge is. The shoe-making machinery can also be cut with the slope of the outsole, such as roll with the outsole, pressure with the outsole and so on. The shape of the disc cutter is better than that of the double roll outboard trimmer. The machine is mainly composed of outsole conveyor belt mechanism, disc cutter mechanism and adjustment mechanism. The function of the conveyor belt is to enter the outer end from one end and the thickness of the adjustment plate, micro-pressure conveyor belt, disc cutter, roller, discharge roller from the other end, that is completed flat. The length of the conveyor face is about. The body consists of conveyor belt, reducer, feed roller, tension roller, sprocket chain and other components. The disc cutter mechanism is located in the middle of the conveyor belt and is vertically mounted on the upper end of the conveyor belt. The diameter of the cutter blade is composed of only the carbide blade and the motor is driven directly. The mechanism is connected to the adjustment bracket to adjust the size of the cutting edge of the blade to change the amount of milling. Adjustment mechanism can also adjust the flattening thickness, the pressure on the outer bottom, milling surface roughness and so on.

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