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Reconstruction and Renewal of China 's Footwear Machinery

May 16, 2017

China's shoe-making machinery transformation and renewal, both the objective needs of the development of shoe-making technology, but also the equipment itself is the inevitable result of wear and tear. Therefore, only in time for the backward and obsolete footwear machinery to transform and update in order to further improve product quality and production efficiency, in order to promote new technologies, new technology, new materials, in order to continue to save energy, protect the environment and improve labor condition. Equipment transformation and updating, technical transformation, prototype updates, three types of technical updates. The technological transformation of the equipment is to transform or improve the technical performance of the equipment and control system in order to improve the production or improve the process. For example, the hydraulic cutting machine oil pump to improve the reliability of the extension of the front of the machine to help the transformation of the machine to increase the tattoo varieties, the general gantry pressure at the end of the transformation of the bottom of the machine, the improvement of ordinary sewing machine feeding institutions improved Sewing efficiency, etc., are part of the technical transformation of equipment.

Footwear machinery technology is characterized by the use of existing equipment conditions can reduce the purchase of new equipment or fill the same equipment, some of the performance of the blank, but only the maintenance of strong enterprises have this ability. With the gradual increase in the type of shoe equipment and improve the performance of equipment, technological transformation is declining. Equipment prototype update, is the same type of new equipment to update the old and poor performance of the equipment, which is conducive to reducing the model and reduce the maintenance workload, but also to protect the quality of the original product and save the old equipment maintenance costs The In the device prototype update, but also in the same type of equipment on the basis of the choice of technologically advanced equipment to make up for the lack of prototype updates. As the technical content of shoe-making equipment continues to increase, the actual sense of the prototype equipment has been eliminated, can only be close to the prototype equipment based on the technical performance of the prototype update. Equipment technical update, refers to the technically more advanced, more economical and new equipment to replace the old equipment should not be used to update the way. Such as the use of hydraulic cutting machine to update the mechanical cutting machine, with computer expansion machine to update the mechanical release machine. Equipment technology update is an important measure for enterprises to achieve technological progress. In short, in the equipment technological transformation and updating, enterprises must be based on their own economic strength and development goals, comprehensive assessment and selection of enterprise characteristics for the transformation and upgrading of the type of equipment. Shoe machine equipment transformation and updating, to give full play to product design, technology, materials, production, equipment and other aspects of the enthusiasm of technical staff, the equipment technology, advanced, applicability, reliability, economic rationality of the technical argument And feasibility analysis to overcome the blindness of the right equipment to transform and update the decision.

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