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Shoe machine export rebounds

Mar 08, 2019

  “Feeling that the foreign trade market is starting to pick up, we must be prepared in advance.” Luo, head of a shoe material trading company in Yancheng, is preparing to add a foreign trade exhibition hall. The reporter learned from the industry that since the beginning of this year, many shoe materials and shoe machine enterprises in the upstream of the shoe industry chain have clearly felt the trend of foreign trade warming. At the same time, in the context of the domestic market downturn, some brand shoes enterprises also Accelerated the pace of the brand "going out".

    Shoe machine foreign trade orders growth

    What is the reason for the recovery of the foreign trade market? The general view in the industry is that most of the orders they receive come from developing countries such as Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and most of them are purchased through local agents. The reason behind this is that the footwear industry in these countries is in its infancy and there is an urgent need for a large number of shoe-making equipment. “In the past, Taiwan’s shoe machine was popular in foreign countries, but now the quality of the shoe machine in the mainland is good, the price is low, and the cost performance is very high.” Luo said that once the foreign factory inspection and inspection, the probability of placing an order is very high. In the next two years, at least in the field of shoe machines, the foreign trade market will continue to maintain rapid development.

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