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The future of the shoe business is like this

May 16, 2017

The future of the shoe business is like this. Will be intelligent shoe equipment and management information production of raw materials, the formation of a database link. At this time, need a radio frequency identification technology called RFID. In short it is equivalent to two-dimensional code. Can bring their own information, but it is more than two-dimensional code cattle. Because it can communicate wirelessly. I'll describe the scene of a future shoe factory. Production line footwear semi-finished products over. Each pair of shoes comes with identity two-dimensional code. Record who ordered, what code number, what color and other information. After the first pair of shoes came, through the radio frequency identification technology to tell the controller wireless communication, the controller and then integrated information to the robot or ordinary operating workers, according to the formula to complete the shoe-making process, until the hands of consumers. Still keep the information backup. In this way, more varieties, small quantities, custom production. Every pair of shoes from the moment of online orders, it will be customized for you. All his features are in line with your preferences.

The intelligent process of production, is the product as a data collection side, and will continue to collect the user data uploaded to the cloud. And then form an industrial Internet core. That is, the world's billions of people integrated information clothing, food, live, line, personal preferences, life and death are in the database. You want to smoke cigars at this time, from your nearest cigar supplier to send you. When the shoe factory intelligence and Internet integration more in-depth, another business model was born, this is the cloud factory. The factory shoe machinery is also intelligent, they continue to collect their own data spread to the industrial Internet. At this point you can see, which factories run at full capacity, which are idle, you can complement each other.

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