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The type and function of the shoe parts are introduced

May 16, 2017

Shoe parts and shoes of the assembly: footwear machine footwear is characterized by the assembly, is the different shapes, different sizes, different performance, different functions of the shoe parts in accordance with the structure of the shoe and the process of fitting into the overall shoe, so that Different parts and styles, different performance and function of the shoe products, shoes, the main assembly process of adhesive, seam technology, molding process, injection technology, shoe parts of the shape and size must also adapt to the changes in the assembly process; Although the main function is to protect the feet are not hurt, but from the shoes of the product and casual shoes, labor insurance shoes, health shoes, sports shoes, dance shoes, special shoes of the points, shoes and components of the material and function And change.

The shoe is the foundation of the shoe, is the whole of the shoes into different shapes, different performance, different functions of the individual, and then in accordance with the "individual" structure and technology made of specific products. This is the part of the shoe. Shoe parts are made in accordance with the requirements of the assembly process of the shoe, with independent product characteristics, which is both a breakthrough in the traditional shoe-making process, but also an important feature of machine shoe specialization. Only in line with the structure of the shoe, the performance of the shoe, the fitting process of the shoe, the shoe parts of the shoe assembly equipment, can improve the production efficiency and product quality of the shoe-making machinery shoe.

The types and functions of the shoe parts (the main parts of the shoe are the upper, the inner head, the main with, the bottom, outsole, shoes

With the insoles and so on. ):

Upper parts: upper, also known as uppers, shoes face, referred to as "help". In the shoes of the help and the end of the two most basic parts, the upper is the most affected by the popular trends, styles and varieties of the fastest changing, the most complex structure, the most complicated parts of the production process. In the upper category, there are leather upper, synthetic leather upper, textile upper, cloth shoes upper, rubber shoes upper and so on. The upper is the foot of the space components, good shape shaping performance is comfortable and beautiful appearance of the important conditions. In order to ensure the shaping performance of the shoes, in the design, materials, materials, cutting, stickers, sewing, stretching and other technical aspects, must strictly enforce the technical standards, so that the upper can withstand the mechanical, Chemical factors, can wear from the outside when the friction and impact from the outside and from the internal hot and humid and unstable pressure damage. In order to improve the shaping performance and safety performance of the upper, usually in the upper and rear of the upper part of the sandwich embedded in the real and not easy deformation of the gasket, the gasket is the inner head and the main components.

Inside the Baotou and the main components: within the Baotou and the main with, is the most important in the upper with the support of the upper part of the shape of the components, respectively, in the upper and rear of the upper help and help between. They should have to support the shape of the upper forming effect, to maintain the upper part of the hardness and flexibility to protect the front and rear of the foot from the impact and squeeze the function, but also with no traces left outside the shoe to keep the shape One of the aesthetic function. Different types and functions of the shoe products, there are different materials, shape, size, process of the inner head and the main components. In accordance with the material, within the package with a natural leather within the Baotou, non-woven within the Baotou, hot melt within the Baotou, steel within the Baotou, printed hot melt within the Baotou, etc .; with the main natural leather master, Non-woven main with, cardboard with the main, with the main hot melt, forming the main and so on.

Insole components: insole, also known as the end, bottom of the bottom. In the structure of the shoe, it is not only the bottom of the main body, but also the structure of the framework, it is the upper, outsole, heel and other components together to form a shoe as a whole. Insole in the outsole, above the feet, insoles under the shoes of the internal, so that the end of the insole in the shape of the shoe shape, wearing comfort and decisive, it is also known as "shoes heart" And "the trunk of the shoe". In accordance with the structural characteristics of the shoe division, in the end of the main types of insole, injection in the end, the cloth at the end of the floor, covered insole, shovel in the end, composite cloth insole, sponge insole The The combined insole is made up of insole, semi-insole (kappa, waist), steel hook, rivet and so on, not only the structure is complete, but also the shape and size are consistent with the shoe last chassis, with good forming performance The Injective insole by the insole, steel hook heart, made of polyvinyl chloride sandwich. The above two kinds of insole and more used in adhesive shoes, the cloth at the end of the floor, from the end, cloth Leng, hook and other parts of the composition, used in sewing along the shoes. As the structure of this insole and hand-sewn along the shoes insole is different, so also known as the machine along the bottom of the seam. The edge of the covered insole by the upper leather or leather and other materials by the edge, also known as inlaid insole, all-inclusive insole and so on. The bottom of the shovel-shaped insole is machined with a long slot to accommodate the sandals of the sandals. Both of these insole are used in sandals. Composite insole, also known as "care", for shoes technology. Sponge insole is made of rubber and other materials in the mold vulcanization foam, with good flexibility and flexibility, and more used in sports shoes and shoes technology. Metal insole is made of thin steel plate, with anti-puncture function, and more used in safety shoes technology.

Outsole components: Outsole, also known as the end, soles, is the direct contact with the ground at the end of friction. In accordance with the material division, a leather outsole, rubber outsole, plastic outsole, rubber outsole, outsole at the end of the cloth, the outer end of the shoes, shoes outsole, Etc .; in accordance with the structure and process division, a combination of outsole, forming outsole and so on. In the combination of the outsole, there are commonly used shoes through the end of the seam, pressure with the outsole, roll outsole, along the outsole, pressure outsole, etc .; in the forming outsole, there are various types of shoes commonly used molding Outsole, injection outsole, pouring outsole and so on. In order to meet with a variety of different shoes to meet the needs of different functions, the outsole with different materials, with wear resistance, resistance to flexing, anti-slip function; in special conditions also has anti- Anti-shock, anti-puncture function. In order to protect the soles of the feet from the cold, damp, convex and concave ground stimulation, the outsole has a sufficient thickness, hardness, elasticity, toughness and other properties, under special conditions, but also has a heat, breathable, health and other functions.

Heel parts: in the forming outsole structure, the heel is not an independent component, but outsole components; in the combined outsole structure, the heel is one of the parts, both or bonding, or nail, Or at the same time with the foot and insole nailed. In accordance with the shape of the heel, with the shape of the heel, with the cup with the shape of the heel, wedge-shaped heel, horseshoe heel; in accordance with the heel of the height of the heel, with the heel, In accordance with the structure of the heel, there are wood core wrapped leather with, wood with the external injection of plastic with the plastic with the embedded palm with the plastic metal and so on. Heel color colorful, and the upper and outsole color seamless, in the shoes of the style and color occupies an important position.

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