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A Simple Method Of Forming A Footwear

May 16, 2017

In the production process of the shoe, the stretch is to help the end of the process of the beginning, but also the entire production process of the key processes. In the word Qifeng shoes for your recommended footwear to help form a simple method. Qifeng shoe machine is a special production before the machine, after the help machine, pressure at the end of the machine and other shoe-making equipment manufacturers, proficient in footwear machinery at the same time, but also proficient in shoe-making process.

Ready to work before the stretch. Due to help the bottom of the assembly method is different, stretching method is different, before the stretch to prepare the work is not the same. To tackle the full shoes to help the nail to help the law, for example, to introduce the front of the stretch to prepare: ready to get up, shoe last, the end of materials, accessories and other tied strap (lace-type shoes) After the help of pre-forming nail repair insole hanging is forming.

Stretch forming, stretching the last law: As the torsion to help the operation is to help push the foot through the help of the foot to help the feet to help the face, because the bun after the end of the stubble along the last round of neat nails, it is also known as row nails; Before the stretch after the nail forming method: the process for the preparation of the leather to help, shoe last, at the end of materials, accessories, etc. tied with the main with the head after the soft back to help pre-forming nails, repair in the end of the crane is stretched forward, Nail heel parts stereotypes; a bandage molding method: the process for the preparation of the upper, shoe last, at the end of materials, accessories and other tied with the main with the head and inside the mouth and help in the mouth of the plastic brush drying activated sets of the last staple Wiping hammer knockout type; pull the line to help forming method: in the side of the lock into the hemp rope or nylon rope, by pulling the rope, so that the material is tightened to the last shape of the method for the pull line stretch forming.

Machine stretched method: from the stretch to help parts of the classification, can be divided into stretched before the machine, stretched in the machine, stretched after the machine, stretched after the help machine, the joint stretch machine, etc .; stretch machine is mechanical pressure Tightening device and the auxiliary role of the knife to complete the stretch to form. With the ability to stretch large, uniform force, high labor efficiency, low labor intensity characteristics. The main method used in mechanized production.

Row last molding method: the shoe last through a certain force into the shoe cover, from the shoe cavity to force, through the extrusion, red, top and other means to help set the last type of requirements for the last law, also known as The last law. This method has a short production cycle, the advantages of simple operation, but easy to help face is not quite, the main and the inner head of the lack of hardness, into a simple deformation of the characteristics of shoes. So this method applies to the soft material to help the footwear products.

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