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Automatic Glue Folding Machine Refueling Maintenance

May 16, 2017

Automatic glue folding machine Features Overview:

QF-298 automatic glue folding machine is set for the integration of electromechanical the latest products, it has automatic glue, glue evenly, smooth, no drip, etc., electrical part of the color single-chip system, double interlock control and so on , So that the machine performance more stable, reliable, more simple operation.

This machine is suitable for leather industry products, such as footwear, clothing, purses, golf bags, wallet, package in the end, its efficiency is 8-10 times the handicraft industry, , It is the three ideal folding equipment for leather products. Before using the machine, please read this manual in detail so that the shoe machine can be used for proper use and maintenance.

Automatic glue folding machine refueling maintenance instructions:

1. The oil used for this machine is 40 # oil.

2. Please check the oil mirror before each use, whether the oil reaches the central red point of the oil mirror. If it is below the red point, the oil should be injected from the filling hole to the central red dot.

3. Before the class every day, the class after the machine refueling, the use of oil guns will be injected from the oil filler oil, let the machine idle for a few minutes.

4. The shoe is always kept clean.

Automatic glue folding machine parts of the functional overview:

1. Control panel: Turn on the electrical system power supply to control the glue system (see page 4 for details).

2. Right leg: raise the use of plastic head.

3. With the pedal: the operation of the internal bending of the automatic cutting, when the forward step, the cutter began to work, and then tread, the cutter to stop working.

4. Motor pedal: control the main motor, forward to start working.

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