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In The Process Of Mechanical Product Design, The Following Three Aspects Of Analysis Are Required.

Feb 25, 2019

In the design process of shoe-making machinery products, the following three aspects of analysis and calculation are required.

(1) Motion analysis and calculation. Depending on the motion that the machine or mechanism should implement, the rational drive system of the machine or mechanism is determined by kinematics, and the appropriate mechanism or component is selected to ensure that the predetermined action is achieved to meet the motion requirements of the machine or mechanism.

(2) Structural design, strength analysis and calculation. According to the requirements of strength, rigidity and other aspects, determine the reasonable basic size of each part, and carry out reasonable structural design, so that it can withstand the specified load during work, and meet the requirements of strength and degree.

(3) Analysis and calculation of geometric quantity accuracy. After the basic dimensions of the part are determined, the calculation of the rice level is also required to determine the assembly accuracy of each component of the product and the tolerance of the geometric parameters of the part.


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