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On The Cutting Machine, To Maintain And Maintain

May 16, 2017

Maintenance is a kind of routine movement that keeps the technical function of the equipment delineated, and the repair is a kind of troubleshooting, the flow of equipment technical function recovery.

Cutting machine in use, because the various parts of the occurrence of varying degrees of fatigue, wear, deformation, erosion, aging and other phenomena, resulting in continuous decline in production accuracy, and functional decline, will affect the quality of machine production products, the situation will even cause serious Equipment downtime. Maintenance is through the maintenance of a cutting machine to repair and repair, to minimize the degree of deterioration of the machine to extend the life of the cutting machine to maintain or restore the function of the machine, and take the technical flow.

Cutting machine maintenance, including the contents of the equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, abnormal phenomena such as timely processing. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cutting machine, reduce wear and tear, to protect the production accuracy and extend the service life, the need for proper lubrication, maintenance and maintenance of the machine.

First, the inspection of the cutting machine

The main inspection of the cutting machine is routine inspection. Mainly on the equipment of the pressure, abnormal sound, vibration, loose, flow, pressure, temperature and so on a check. Can be from the operation of the equipment in the appearance of the phenomenon, through the simple instruments and processing products, etc. can determine the status of the machine and the working conditions of the pros and cons, such as mechanical cutting machine bearing speed, pressure, temperature, punching accuracy, noise and hydraulic Cutting machine oil and leakage and so on. In short, according to the characteristics of cutting machine features, complexity, the importance of product quality to determine the location of the inspection, such as the cycle to develop repair parts, time and technical preparation.

Second, the lubrication of the cutting machine

Cutting machine lubrication is to reduce the wear and tear of various parts in the operation, is an important measure to avoid failure. Mechanical cutting machine bearing if the bad lubrication will lead to fever and other accidents. So that lubrication is one of the important elements of maintenance of cutting machine. The implementation of lubrication "five" approach, it is the daily lubrication of the daily work, standardization, system, the content of refining, simple easy to remember.

The details are:

1, fixed point: first determine the equipment to lubricate the parts, lubrication points and checkpoints.

2, the quality: in accordance with the machine imitation in the oil plate designated oil.

3, quantitative: to determine the equipment fuel, to prevent extravagance, management equipment, oil spills.

4, on schedule: according to regular time to refuel, add oil and cleaning oil, to ensure timely lubrication.

5, set people: to determine the lubrication of the staff, the responsibility to the people.

Third, the maintenance of the machine, maintenance requirements

The routine maintenance of the cutting machine, by the operator is responsible. Operators must understand the structure of the equipment and manipulate the maintenance procedures.

1, before the start of the work should be the main parts of the machine to detect and add lubricating oil.

2, in strict accordance with the equipment to manipulate the use of equipment, always pay attention to observe the operation of the equipment, found to be timely processing.

3, before the end of the work, should be a cutting machine cleaning work, and friction surface coated with lubricating oil.

4, cutting machine in normal work conditions, every two weeks to the machine to conduct a comprehensive inspection and cleaning time.

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