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Outside The Sanding Machine Operation Method

May 16, 2017

Outsole grinding machine process characteristics: Adhesive shoes technology three basic quality factors are: the bonding surface roughness, the performance of adhesives, bonding surface bonding pressure. The roughness of the outsole finish is formed by sanding the adhesive surface by the sanding machine, also known as roughening. Outer grinding process is characterized by grinding method to remove the dirt on the adhesive surface, remove the adhesive surface easy to fall off or hinder the adhesion of the surface, cut off the polymer material link to improve the bonding surface Of the surface activity, so as to obtain a rough, there is a larger contact, is conducive to the adhesive penetration of the bonding surface, to improve the bonding surface bonding strength purposes. Outsole of this sanding process, not only for the treatment with the upper, feet to help the surface of the adhesive, but also for the end, the pressure, along the heel, and other shoe bonding surface treatment.

The working principle of the outsole is: grinding wheel made of granular abrasive, grinding belt, grinding disc grinding in the high-speed rotation of the outer surface of the bonding surface, so that it coarsening. This process is also known as hair, cashmere, coarsening, sanding, grinding and so on. Granular abrasive for the alumina, silicon carbide or cemented carbide; abrasive grain size is coarse or medium specifications; grinding wheel for the cylindrical or disc-shaped, abrasive with a strong adhesive on the wheel; grinding with high strength, small deformation Of the fabric as the base, in the surface of the bonded abrasive, can be made of endless ring belt or joint ring. The grinding wheel or disc is fixed on the rotating shaft, the grinding belt is tensioned on the two rotating wheels, and the outsole is roughened at high speed. Outside the sanding method has a variety of ways. According to the shape of the outsole and the shape and size of the surface to be sanded, can be divided into sandblast wheel sanding, abrasive belt with sanding, grinding wheel, carbide sand mill and so on. As the method of grinding different, outsole sanding machine structure also has a variety of types, there are horizontal grinding wheel (emery cloth round) sanding machine, vertical grinding wheel grinding machine, sand plate automatic sanding machine, Machine and so on. The structure of the outsole determines the method of sanding, the method of sanding determines the structure of the machine, the structure of the shoe machinery determines the mode of operation and the production efficiency.

Horizontal grinding wheel (emery cloth round) sanding machine structure and performance: the machine more models, the structure is relatively simple, the application is very common. Also known as grinding wheel. Grinding wheel is mainly composed of wheel drive shaft and bag vacuum cleaner. Grinding wheel drive shaft for the horizontal rotation, the two shaft ends of the installation of grinding wheel, emery cloth wheel or wire wheel and other different performance and structure of the grinding wheel, not only on the outsole sanding, but also grinding outsole side, Heel and other shoes. The drive shaft consists of the motor, pulley, bearing and other components in the transmission box to form a complete sanding mechanism. And some models of the drive shaft directly driven by the motor shaft, adjustable speed, and some are not adjustable. The shoe machinery has a double grinding head, but also a single grinding of the points, for double or single operation. Grinding sand produced by the dust through the dust cover, vacuum hose into the vacuum bag. Some models do not have a vacuum cleaner, but a pipe access to a central vacuum cleaner. The central vacuum cleaner is usually located outdoors to reduce the noise at the operating station.

Vertical wheel grinding machine structure and performance: mainly by the grinding head and the body of the vacuum cleaner. Grinding head by the motor directly drive the grinding wheel vertical rotation, the use of grinding wheel end face on the outer bottom of the bonding surface grinding, according to the size of the outer head of the arc size of the replacement of different diameter of the wheel. This is one of the simplest structures of the grinding head. There is also a variable speed grinding head by the motor, variable speed pulley, wheel spindle, grinding wheel quick chuck composition, there are two kinds of speed. And some grinding head by the speed motor speed, stepless speed regulation type. This machine is suitable for the round with the convex edge of the sand, such as wall forming outsole, along the combination of outsole and so on.

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