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Shoe Foot Pinch Machine Features

May 16, 2017

Help foot leveling machine also known as the foot to beat the machine, to help the foot beat machine and so on. To help the foot of the machine characteristics: the former help machine, after the gang to help the gang after the gang, because there are wrinkles and residual hot melt compound, so that the foot is not smooth, at the end of the edge of the line Not clear, only the removal of the basic assembly stage of the appearance of defects in order to improve the assembly stage of the assembly assembly quality. There are many ways to eliminate this defect, such as manual hammer knocking method, knife cut method.

Punching machine - flat flywheel - motor - grinding wheel - vacuum tube - the main switch - cushions - flat hammer to help the foot iron level, heel integer method, the former to help the whole method. The most commonly used method is to help the foot flat method, the use of shoe-making equipment is to help foot leveling machine. This method is characterized by the use of hammering, ironing, grinding three different means of processing, to help the foot and the end of the corrugated parts of the beat and ironing, the larger folds can be grinding. In the flattening operation, because of the use of hand-held shoe last, to help the other parts of the surface will not be squeezed by the indentation and other new appearance defects. As the foot part of the curve changes, the use of local leveling method has a strong adaptability, leveling means a variety of characteristics, but the labor intensity.

The structure and performance of the foot machine: the shoe machinery mainly by the flat flywheel, grinding wheel, electric hammer and other institutions. The mechanical transmission, by the motor through the belt drive to the horizontal spindle on the flywheel, grinding wheel, electric hit the hammer movement. Flattened flywheel on the circumference of the uniform distribution of the pin with a pin, such as the calculation of the wheel, such as the abacus-like ferry, in the high-speed operation of the flywheel, the ferry generated by the amount of throttle, Of the hot melt to destroy. If you still can not tie, you can use grinding wheel grinding. In the left side of the spindle is also equipped with a hammer, which has an electric heater, can help the side of the foot beat, refurbishment and ironing. Fuselage with a vacuum device, grinding can be generated by the dust from the suction tube inhalation and dust. The shoe machine has two kinds of light and heavy specifications, respectively, for women's shoes and men's shoes to help repair the foot.

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