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Shoe Parts Of The Process Characteristics

May 16, 2017

Shoe parts of the process characteristics: shoe parts is the shoe shoe shoe assembly process of the product, its shape and size, is in accordance with the assembly process of the assembly made of the conditions. In order to fit them on different assembly materials on the assembly line into shoes products and play the assembly line with high efficiency and high quality production characteristics, the shoe parts must have the characteristics of assembling, forming and recognizing. Assembly is the performance of fast fitting, shape and size, no need to reproduce the processing performance; formability refers to the shoe last assembly and assembly, with the shoe last curved body shape consistent performance; Refers to the assembly has the ability to accurately identify the different numbers of the performance, to avoid the number is difficult to identify and cause the wrong quality of the accident.

Upper parts of the process features: upper parts with more varieties of raw materials, complex structure, more processes, decorative and strong, good shape characteristics. Raw materials and more in accordance with the upper part of the division, there are fabrics, lining, lining, accessories, etc .; in accordance with the nature of raw materials, natural leather, artificial leather, fiber fabrics. Natural leather is made of animal skin tanning, mainly cattle upper leather, sheep upper leather, pig leather, leather shoes, leather, etc .; artificial leather synthetic leather and artificial leather two, synthetic leather to non-woven Foundation, artificial leather to fabric as the base, the surface coated with polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane; fiber fabric is divided into natural, chemical, non-woven fiber three, commonly used canvas, khaki, plain weave, nylon silk and so on.

Complex structure: the main structure of the upper is the surface layer, lining layer, reinforcement layer, decorative layer. The main pieces of the film, the plate, after the help, tongue, after the cloth, lining cloth, after the cloth lining, after helping the skin, after the help folder, side help, strengthen the lining and so on.

Process more: the more help shoes, the greater the production workload, the more complex the process. In the general production process, the main production processes are: cut material, piece cutting, stickers, edge, folding, inlay, punch, wear, knitting, embedded line, engraved, sewing, riveting, repair Bottom, red, cut thread head, wipe dirty, marking, inspection and so on. Compared with other parts of the shoe, the processing of the upper occupies more manual, manual operation, low production efficiency.

Strong decorative: As the upper reaches of the impact of changes in the trend of the larger, so it has a strong appearance of decorative. In the process, the shape of the upper piece of shoes, material, color, inlay, inlaid edge, the shape of the edge of the shoe, sewing stitch density and color changes, the use of decorative pieces, all reflect the upper decorative, These are closely related with the variety and structure of shoes, in particular, a variety of functional shoes segmentation and structure of the different, but also to the upper style and decoration of the new changes have taken place.

Forming performance: the upper foot of the foot space is the upper shoe over the stretch to help form or set the results of forming. Its shape and finish with the extensibility of the upper, extension direction, the performance of raw and auxiliary materials are closely related. Good shape shaping performance is a comfortable, beautiful appearance of the important conditions. In order to ensure the shape of the upper forming performance, in the design, we should make full use of the torsion and set of tensile strength deformation of the correct design of the shape and size of the upper; in the material, the correct use of materials expected to make natural leather In the process, to take the stickers, preforming, heating softening, adjust the size of the stretch to help the size of the measures to improve the shape of the upper shape of the effect.

Inside the package head of the process features: within the head in the upper part of the upper part of the help and help in the bucket between the fixed, with adhesive fixation, with the front to help at the same time in the shoe last shape. Its shape and the shape of the front of the upper part of the shoe is basically the same, but slightly smaller size, mostly crescent-shaped and curved, with the shape, structure and style changes. Inside the Baotou materials are leather, non-woven, hot-melt adhesives and so on. Inside the head of the thickness of the edge of the slope was stubble-like, after the bang to help before leaving the traces of Baotou. In accordance with the nature of the package within the package, there are pieces of cut within the head, India-style within the Baotou, hot-type within the Baotou, and so on. Piece-style inside the head is made after the cut off the crop from the crop, printed within the package head is hot melt melt directly after the mold with the back printed on the upper, hot-type inside the head is made of hot melt film After the film cut Serve, with the former in the crescent mold in the hot pressure bonding together.

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