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The Setting Machine Also Needs Beauty Maintenance!

Feb 26, 2019

Styling machine equipment: maintenance method:

1. Cylinder (Dg1100×6): welded by steel plate. There is no long-term accumulation of water (steam cooling water) in the cylinder. After the damp heat setting, the cooling water should be drained and dried, and the inner surface should be inspected regularly for paint detachment and rubbing and falling. If any, it should be replenished with high temperature. Rust paint to prevent local rust. Note: The maximum vacuum is not more than 0.07MPa (actually above 0.06MPa) when used to prevent instability.

2. Forming machine jacket: It is made of steel plate. Used for dry heat setting. Mainly carried at the head 45 ° fold. During maintenance, add 80-100 mm asbestos cement insulation layer according to the drawing requirements, and drain the cooling water inside the jacket after each use.


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