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The Use Of Hot - Melt Adhesive Liner For Shoe - Making

May 16, 2017

The use of hot - melt adhesive liner for shoe - making. Its name is: paste machine, flat sticky liners, roller stickers and so on. Hot melt adhesive liner of the process characteristics: the natural leather texture of the non-uniformity, the elongation of the direction, resulting in the use of the upper to help the machine when the machine to help the formation of stretch, tensile force in the direction of performance, Stereotyped performance will be adversely affected. In order to eliminate this adverse effect, it is necessary to take a lining process to improve the uniformity and extensibility of the upper texture. Bonding process, that is, in the back of the patch paste a layer of hot-melt lining, to improve its tensile strength and stereotypes. Lining material for non-woven or woven fabrics, according to the upper function and style of choice of different materials. Because the lining is coated with hot-melt adhesive, so called hot-melt lining. Hot-melt lining at room temperature without sticky, heating and bonding sheet. Adhesive, will cut the lining and the positive position of the film, and then placed on the heating plate or heating roller heating and pressing that is one. In the front of the machine to help the process, the upper hot melt lining process is very necessary.

Hot melt adhesive liner structure and performance: hot melt adhesive liner there are two types, namely, flat and roller type. Flat plate type structure is composed of upper and lower heating plate, the cylinder to promote the heating plate to help the hot plate and hot melt pressure on the next heating plate and bonding. The left and right heating plates are alternately operated and the bonding time is controlled by the time relay. Which is equipped with electric heater, from top to bottom rotation. The conveyor belt is contained and tensioned on most of the surface of the drum, with the roller isokinetic movement, both in the movement of the pieces and hot melt heating and pressure bonding. High temperature between the silicone conveyor belt and roller, also equipped with pressure roller, tension roller, adjusting roller, transmission roller, fine roller and other devices to form a belt drive system. In the lower part of the shoe machine equipped with reducer, the motor rotation through the chain and chain conveyor belt and roller movement. In order to prevent the conveyor belt in the movement around the deviation of the effect of sticky lining, ad hoc fine-tuning roller, electromagnetic valve, cylinder, electronic control and other components, automatic control conveyor belt trajectory. Control panel - equipped with temperature control, speed control, switches and other control agencies. Hot-melt adhesive liner - Workbench - Conveyor belt - Reel tray - Roller - Control panel - Pneumatic three pieces - Footswitch, conveyor width, thickness, maximum heating temperature, power, net weight

Adjustment and use of hot-melt adhesive liners: The contents of the adjustment are: the drum heating must be carried out in the machine running state to avoid the conveyor belt due to local heating in the static deformation and damage; conveyor belt under high temperature and tension conditions will produce relaxation And deformation, this time by adjusting the tension roller on the screw to tighten; when the conveyor around the left and right to affect the pressure, you can adjust the micro-open position, increase the amount of fine-tuning roller adjustment, so that the conveyor belt is running normally; The drum heating temperature is adjusted according to the performance of the hot-melt lining to be flattened without sticking to the surface of the drum. Operation, the first at the table at the table and hot melt lining according to the specified size code is good, and then flat into the conveyor belt, the lining that is automatically in the transmission. The adhesive sheet is spread out from the discharge plate above the drum and falls into the feeder tray. The roller surface must be kept smooth and clean. Drum surface dirt is mainly hot-melt lining of the gum, should always wipe clean with soft paper. Each class must clean the conveyor belt and roller surface of the fiber and dust. In order to prevent the hard objects and thick objects into the drum and damage the drum and conveyor belt, the table can not be placed in addition to help pieces and linings outside the foreign body. To maintain the normal work of the three pneumatic parts, for the pressure system to provide pressure stability and clean lubrication of compressed air.

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