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What Equipment Is Needed For The Manufacture Of Shoes

May 16, 2017

What equipment does the shoe need to use? Adhesive shoes assembly line of the shoe equipment configuration, is based on the assembly process of adhesive shoes based on the number of equipment is a production line as a unit of production capacity to determine. Adhesive shoes production due to the structure of shoes, style, quality and different grades have a greater difference.

1. Nail internal machine: pneumatic transmission or mechanical transmission. The spike is shaped. Its function is to nail the inside of the shoe in the bottom of the shoe, the edge of the bottom edge of the shoe should not be beyond the edge of the chassis (outside the shoes except the outside).

2. After the help of pre-forming machine: pneumatic transmission, mold forming. Its function is to help the main and stick with the same time forming, forming the last shape of the shoe last. The use of hot-melt with the main, should choose double hot double cold type to help pre-forming machine. The use of non-hot melt type main with, should choose double heat to help pre-forming machine. According to the back, the main with, shoe last, the random design of the last mold, forming mold and help foot folding equipment and other equipment.

3. Before the hot heat machine: air pressure drive, electric heating water and hot steam. Its function is to help the front of the shoes to help humidification and pressure inside the Baotou, to enhance the stretch before the help of the molding effect.

4. Bend before the machine: air pressure or hydraulic drive, seven pliers or nine pliers to help. Its function is to make the front to help in the shoe last part of the stretch stretch to form, and with the insole together, so that the front to help the shoe last part of the shape of the head. According to the process, you can choose to automatically spray hot melt adhesive models or manual brush plastic models. According to the shoe last, upper, insole, random design of the preparation of clamps, spray plastic, tension seat, tightening device, to help foot template and other technology and equipment.

5. After stretching in the machine: air pressure or hydraulic transmission, glue or nail to help. Its function is to help the middle and then help in the last part of the last part of the shoe last, so that after the shoe to reach the corresponding parts of the shape, and with the end of the adhesive or together. According to the craft requirements of the shoe, but also choose to stretch in the machine and post-tension machine. Can also be manually stretched in the help and cancel the help machine to reduce the complexity of the equipment coefficient. According to the shoe last, the upper, insole, after the random design to help tighten the device, to help foot template, in the module and other technology and equipment.

6. Damp heat setting machine: mechanical transmission, hot air or hot air stereotypes. Its function is to stretch the upper part of the upper and lower stress under the action of hot and humid wind to eliminate, to achieve the last shape in the shoe last and after the show is still no deformation effect. For non-leather upper, adjustable for hot air stereotypes.

7. Heel seat shaping machine: air pressure or hydraulic drive, mechanical massage integer. Its function is to help the foot and after the foot to help the foot adjacent to the parts of the integer, the method is through the ironing and mechanical vibration massage to achieve leveling, shaping and eliminate the purpose of folding to make it with Sole heel assembly quality can be improved. According to the requirements of men's shoes or women's shoes heel, random production of ironing plate and massage roller and other technology and equipment.

8. hot air wrinkle machine: air pressure, hot air hot rolling wrinkle. Its function is to eliminate the surface of the surface layer of wrinkles, can protect the oil in the leather, but also by wrinkle to improve the appearance of the quality of shoes.

9. help foot leveling machine: mechanical transmission, beat grinding and leveling feet. Its function is through the beat and grinding wheel grinding method, the uneven construction of the foot to repair flat. There are two models of men's shoes and shoes (heavy and light) to choose from.

10. to help foot sanding machine: mechanical transmission, wire wheel grinding foot surface fiber. Its function is through the high-speed rotation of the wire wheel, grinding the foot surface of the leather coating and shallow fiber, so that the rough surface is conducive to the penetration of adhesives. According to the foot material performance, choose different specifications of the wire wheel. Models are both automatic and manual, mostly for the latter.

11. to help the foot and the outer membrane drying activator: mechanical transmission, chain feeding, oven activation. Its function is to brush the glue after the foot and the outer end into the chain conveyor belt, sent to the drying box device when the film drying activation, in order to improve the foot and the outer end of the adhesive strength. According to the production line of adhesive shoes assembly line layout, can also choose the production line with the film drying activation device.

12. Universal adhesive crimping machine: hydraulic drive, vertical pressure die clamping feet and outsole. Its function is through the foot and outsole adhesive layer of the pressure, can effectively remove the gas in the bonding surface, increase the adhesive area, and promote the mutual penetration of the adhesive molecules and attract, so that the bonding strength The According to the outsole and shoe last, randomly made vertical press the template in the front template, the central combination of templates, heel module and other technology and equipment. If the foot and the wall forming outsole bonding, should choose the wall adhesive press machine and the same type of technology and equipment.

13. Frozen stereotypes machine: mechanical transmission, freezer low-temperature stereotypes. Its function is to posture the upper to further shape, so that the internal stress to further eliminate and enhance the effect of the upper shape, so that the shoe is more stable.

14. The last machine: hydraulic or pneumatic transmission, rely on the friction to pull out after the shoe last. Its function is driven by the last to help after the help, after the help from the shoe last body, and then hand the shoe last from the shoe in all pulled out, so that the shoe into the next production cycle. According to the shape of the shoe last body, random production of the last rubber module, in order to improve the friction when the last time.

15. nail with the machine: air pressure or hydraulic transmission, with a spike fixed heel. Its function is to use the spike to the heel fixed in the insole and help feet, automatic lap, send nails, nail once completed, and according to the heel performance selection procedures nail method to improve the quality of nail and reliable Sex. According to the heel, forming insole, upper, spikes, random design made nail holder, with the surface pressure plate, side pressure block, automatically send nail plate and other technology and equipment.

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